Shopping Terms and Conditions


General Company Informations

Company registered name Sprunk-Jansen ApS (Clever Ceuticals ApS)
Brand Name, products: Sprunk-Jansen
Adress: Strandvejen 100, DK-2900 Hellerup
Company type: Corporation with limited responsibility
Registration number 32330304
Original founding: 2004
Company established: 11.02.2011
Web adress:
E-mail adress:
Bank: Nordea

Conditions for ordering

Orders are only accepted as placed on the homepage:

No orders will be accepted by phone or physical appearance.

Orders can be placed in English language.

On ordering we will send a confirmation by e-mail. Both the order and the confirmation will be kept on file for 5 years as documentation for the sale.

All prices are stated on the web site in DKK. The prices include all Danish duties and sales tax / VAT etc. All customs fees, VAT etc. in the receiving country are to be dealt with and paid for by the customer.

Payment can be settled in DKK.

Payments and security

By paying with a credit card, customers are secured optimally against fraud and misuse. All payments can be denied and deleted by the customer when observed on the customer’s statement of account for the credit card. For Danish customers there is no self-contribution in case of fraud in an internet deal using SSL (Secure Socket Layer) and the maximum amount to be drawn is the amount accepted by you as customer.

Other condition may apply in other countries. Please investigate further.

Data filed at the acquisition with a credit card is encrypted (SSL) and only the Danish credit card handler, NETS, can read the data. Nor can Sprunk-Jansen ApS (Clever Ceuticals ApS) or others access and read the data.

Sprunk-Jansen ApS (Clever Ceuticals ApS) will not debit the customer’s account until the goods have been shipped.

Sprunk-Jansen ApS (Clever Ceuticals ApS) accept payment with the following Credit cards:

  • Dankort
  • Visa/Dankort
  • VISA
  • MasterCard
  • Eurocard
  • JCB
  • American Express

We do not charge any surcharge for the use of Credit Cards.

We also accept payments through PayPal.


Our products are delivered as neutral packages with Sprunk-Jansen as shipper. To keep the delivery cost low, we use the danish postal system without tracking code.

Delivery option:

  • Post service in Denmark, 50 DKK regardless off number of items
  • Post service in Europe, 10 EURO regardless off number of items
  • Post service World Wide, 20 USD regardless off number of items

Delivery time in Denmark is normally 1-3 bank days.

For delivery out of Denmark, the goods will be shipped from us within 1-2 bank days from the placing of the order. The delivery date at the customers may vary in different countries.

National duties and taxes outside of Scandinavia and Europe is on the buyers account. We take no responsibility for local country cost, rules and barriers outside of Scandinavia and EU.


According the Danish legislation there is a 24 month right to complain over bought goods, though considered the duration date, which is written on the products. This constitutes the right for the customer to complain for defects or wrong quantities etc. within 24 month or the duration date whichever comes first. It is further a condition that the defects do not occur due to the customers misuse or misplacing of the product or any other damaging action of the customer.

Complaints shall be submitted as e-mails to or as postage letter to the official address of Sprunk-Jansen ApS (Clever Ceuticals ApS) cf. above. In the event of a legitimate and accepted complaint the customer can, depending of the actually case, expect to have the product replaced, have the purchase sum returned or to obtain a discount.

Complains must be filed within reasonable time after discovering the defect or missing quantity etc. We consider 2 month after receiving the goods to be a reasonable timeframe.

In case of returning the goods, they should be packed in a safe and secure way, preferably in the original packaging. We will of course reimburse the shipping and packaging costs for any legitimate complaint.

Possibilities to regret an acquisition

According to Danish legislation, private customers always have 14 days to regret any purchase, counting from the day of receiving the goods. Professional customers do not have any possibilities to regret the acquisition. If a private customer regrets the purchase, he or she shall return the goods in the same condition and quantity as received, leaving the resale value intact for the selling company. Remember to file details on your account for the reimbursement of the purchase amount.

Regrets for the purchase can for Danish customers, be conducted by denying receiving the goods or for all customers by returning the goods through a certified postage delivery company. Remember to keep the postage receipt as documentation. It is not possible to return the goods by physical visit at the company address. Cost deriving from the returning of the goods is on the hands of the costumer.

When the goods are received by the vendor and have been checked for condition and quantity and hereby are verified as subject to the regret possibility, the full purchase amount will be placed on the bank account as to the details supplied by the customer.


As a valuable and trusted customer, you are free to apply for receiving our news updates and blogs, which we distribute and inform about as e-mail. You will have to sign up positively to be on this information list and can at all-time immediately resign from this service.

Policy for filling and sharing costumer´s data

Sprunk-Jansen ApS (Clever Ceuticals ApS) is the responsible entity for all filed data and information on the customers. As a valued and trusted customer you can at all-time be informed about any and all information filled on your person at our registers. This is both a company policy and a legal demand for buyers in Denmark. The information is stored on secured electronically media and only authorized personnel at Sprunk-Jansen ApS (Clever Ceuticals ApS) have access to the information. You are also in your right to demand wrong information altered or to get any or all information deleted. All sensitive information regarding payment and credit card is filed through Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology which we at Sprunk-Jansen ApS (Clever Ceuticals ApS) cannot read or access. can use cookies for optimizing of the costumers access and use of our homepage. A cookie is a compiling of data that is stored on the customers own computer, with the object of optimizing you experience with us by recognizing you when you visit our homepage and hereby keeping your browsing preference and your basic contact information seamlessly ready for your convenience. The cookie option can be disconnected by you in your browser settings, both for future use and for deleting any stored information from the earlier visit at our homepage. Cookies stored from are only an offered service.

We compile information on costumer’s behavior and acquisition on our web-shop in order to optimize the homepage as user-friendly as possible. We also store the information for statistical purposes and in order to streamline future personalized marketing efforts.

All personal information can only be read be authorized personal at the vendor and will be deleted on the customers demand or automatically after 5 years.

No customer information is handed over to third parties and no sensitive personally information is stored.